Perhaps not even Rishie knows when, but it’s certain a general election is coming SOON, and we believe that we can send an Epsom Liberal Democrat MP to Westminster for the very first time, but we need YOUR HELP to achieve this!

We have a large conservative majority to overcome and lots of work to do to get Helen elected

Can you help Helen win? 

Can you support Helen today?

To provide you with an idea of our costs:

  • 5 garden posters: £30
  • Campaign organiser for a half day £55
  • 10 garden posters: £60
  • Social media costs for a month: £100
  • Campaign organiser for a day: £110
  • 20 garden posters: £120
  • Printing of 1 ward leaflet: £135 
  • Campaign organiser for a week: £550
  • Printing of 1 leaflet for 1/3 of the constituency: £800
  • Campaign organiser for 3 weeks: £1,650
  • Printing of 1 leaflet for the entire constituency: £2,400

Thank you so much, in advance, for your donation.

Helen Maguire
Helen Maguire