Our Parliamentary Candidate - Helen Maguire

Hi, I’m Helen Maguire and I’m campaigning to be your next MP in Epsom and Ewell.

I’m standing to be your MP because like many of you I’ve had enough of the economic and political chaos in which we now find ourselves. 

I have friends locally who are struggling to feed their kids, pay bills, or are stuck on an NHS waiting list. Businesses are going bust while our day-to-day bills are skyrocketing.

I believe there is a better way. I love this constituency. It is where I spend so much of my time with my friends, family, and running for Epsom and Ewell Harriers Athletic Club. 

But my husband and I worry about the future for our three teenagers. Will they be able to afford to live in Surrey and get a good job? Will the NHS still be there for them?

My career has taken me from serving in the Army in the deserts of Iraq to working with local foodbanks. Now I’m campaigning for change!

Thank you,


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